Телекомуникации и инфрастуктурни проекти


In 2004 MARMET ltd. had started its activities for the provision of services concerning the deployment of Globul’s 2G and 3G network in Bulgaria.

Up to date Marmet had been engaged many times as a contractor or a subcontractor for services, incl.:
• Outdoor and indoor installation works for the provision of Base Transceiver Stations, incl. Radio Base Stations
• Installation of equipment and materials for MW Links
• Site survey, design, civil works, equipment installation, software commissioning and acceptance of 3G sites – Node B, RNC and M 2000 Server
• Civil Works and Installation Works for the implementation of Greenfield sites, consisting of Equipment Shelter, Tower construction (42m, 54m, etc.), powered by Diesel Generators
• Civil Works and Installation Works for the implementation of Mobile sites, consisting of Equipment Shelter, Guide Tower construction (24m, 30m, etc.), powered by Diesel Generators
• Civil Works and Installation Works for the implementation of Rooftop sites, consisting of Equipment shelter/Equipment room and Mast construction
• Site Acquisition Services
• Legalization of newly constructed sites.

In 2003 Marmet ltd. has entered into a contract agreement with the local representation of Siemens in Bulgaria for the development of the national underground fiber optic cable network of Mobiltel that will provide connectivity between the bigger cities in the country.
At present, the project is still in progress, as the provisions for the total length of the trace are giving the number of more than 1500 km.Services, delivered by Marmet, for the execution of the project are including such as design work and coordination, as well as: excavation and restoration works, installation of HDPE pipes, blowing of fiber optic cable, splicing, stations cabling, ODF installations and terminations, provision of tests and measurement.
Since the beginning of 2005 Marmet ltd. had been also engaged as a contractor for the provision of maintenance services for the passive equipment of the existing fiber optic cable network.

In 2007-2008 Marmet ltd. participated in the realization of Project: “Design and implementation, incl. supply and installation of cables, equipment and technological installations and commissioning for the signaling and telecommunication equipment in the railway section from Verinsko to Kostenets’, for the National Railway Infrastructure Company.
The activities performed by Marmet ltd.were including the implementation of totally 27000m of Fiber Optic Cable Line /aerial and underground/, replacement of 1500m of copper cable, installation of telecommunication and multiplex equipment, power supply, execution of repair works and air-conditioning installations for the premises.
During the implementation of the activities Marmet ltd.had been using its own special equipment as necessary for the performance of works along railway infrastructures.

In 2008 Marmet ltd. entered into a subcontract agreement for Project: ‘Engineering – Design work and implementation for the “Modernization of Traction Substation of Voluyak and implementation of a tele-control system SCADА 1-st line’ for the National Railway Infrastructure Company.

The scope of the activities assigned to Marmet ltd. is referring to the following:
• Site Survey and preparation of a report for the existing technical condition of the equipment
• Preparation of Work Design for the Modernization and Renovation of the equipment
• Preparation of Work Design for a Design for the telecommunication systems AND SCADA system
• Implementation of civil and installation works
• Supply and installation of communnication equipment
• Suspension of Fiber Optic Cable along the catanary poles from Dragoman to Kalotina-West – Border
• Provision of Geodetical plans for the executed construction works.

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