Телекомуникации и инфрастуктурни проекти

High-Rise Constructions

“Marmet” AD has proved experience as a construction company for the implementation of projects related to the civil constructions, including public buildings, resort complex of buildings, residential buildings, as well as their adjacent infrastructures.

“Marmet” AD is focused on implementing shell-construction as well as ‘turn-key’ construction of buildings, incl. the following services:

• Building of reinforced concrete and metal constructions
• Masonry
• Roof systems
• Facade systems
• Dry construction
• Hydro-, heat- and sound insulations
• Floorings and facings
• Engineering-fortifications
• Sanitation and rehabilitation
• Pools and hydro equipment
• Lifting equipment
• Electrical installations
• Structural cabling
• Water supply and sewerage
• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
• Machine-assembly works
• Vertical planning
• Planting – ecological green systems and dendrology
• Roads and the adjacent infrastructure.

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