Телекомуникации и инфрастуктурни проекти


Depending on the specific requirements of its costumers, MARMET AD offers different professional services that will cover each stage of the project implementation process.

Area of Expertise:
• Mobile Networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE, BTS, MW, RNC)
• Fixed Networks, Backbone Networks (Fiber Optic Systems, Copper Cables, NGN, STM, SDH, MAN, ADSL, PABX, FTTx).



• Site Surveys and Site Acquisition
• Preparation of Installation documentation
• Equipment planning and design
• Legalization and Permitting.

Civil Works:


• Excavation and Restoration Works
• Underground conduits
• Crossing of roads (via directional boring, pipe pushing and tunneling)
• Construction of roads/ Site Access Roads
• Foundation works
• Masts, Towers, Poles
• Surrounding Area – fences, etc.
• Brickworks and plastering works
• Hydro insulation works for rooftop sites
• Metallic Structures
• Handholes and manholes
• Architectural works
• Etc.

Telecom equipment installation, testing, software commissioning and putting into operation:


• Fixed and Mobile telecom equipment
• Power Supply Equipment
• FO cable installation, splicing, termination and measurements
• Aerial Cable Lines
• Expansions
• Etc.



• Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
• Antenna and Feeder Systems
• Diesel Generators
• Power Supply Equipment/Batteries
• Fuelling Services
• Air condition systems
• Fiber Optic Networks – passive and active equipment
• Equipment and Spare Parts Management
• Etc.

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