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Inspection Body

БДС, EN ISO/IEC 17020:2005 – Inspection Body “C – type” accreditation certificate and Order Form

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The Inspection Body, type ‘C’, has been established in 2003 as an independent unit within Marmet AD. It was certified by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service Implementing Agency in accordance with БДС, EN ISO/IEC 17020:2005 standards.
The scope of accreditation spreads over the whole range of activities for control of electrical installations and equipment, as follows:

Electric equipment and installations up to 1000V:
• Insulation resistance
• Loop impedance (Zs) – “phase-protective wire”
• Disconnectors for protection switching off /Fi – disconnectors/
• Lightning protective grounding equipment resistance.

Communication cable lines for town and inter-town telephone network:
• Insulation resistance
• Electrical resistance
• Resistance of asymmetry
• Line attenuation
• Mutual capacitance
• Crosstalk attenuation and overall attenuation, short-range fading and long-range fading
• Encapsulation.

Optical cable lines:
• Insertion regularity return loss;
• Overall attenuation
• Return reflection attenuation
• Length.

Request of controls can be downloaded from HERE.
If the request is registered, the client is provided „Confidentiality Agreement”.

The Inspection Body has established procedures for handling complaints and objections that are available to interested parties on request, which can be made at:
1712 Sofia, zhk “Mladost 3″, bl.327, entr.4, floor.1, app.101.

The Inspection Body is authorized to issue certificates which indicate the condition of the tested facilities and their fitness for exploitation. These certificates form part of the documentation needed for commissioning of any electrical power system and equipment as well as industrial or civil project.

Commitment of senior management are declared in the quality policy.
Declaration of policy quality:

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The work of the Inspection Body is provided by a mobile testing laboratory and most recent measuring equipment.

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